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1、 Operation FAQ

Q: If the name of the company and the charged weight of the goods are not indicated on the handover list, is that ok?

A: No. In order to avoid disputes such as wrong customer and wrong weight, the customer must indicate on the handover list: company name, number of goods, weight, country, product name, delivery channel, whether to declare, electrified, etc.

Q: What if you forget to bring the delivery list?

A: Apply for the blank delivery list from our on-site responsible colleagues, and hand fill in the delivery list.

Q: Is the weighing accurate when handing in the bulk goods?

A: If you have any questions about the weight, please check with the on-site operation colleagues in time.

Q: What's your delivery time and deadline?

A: Our operating colleagues work at 14:00 p.m. and the deadline is 22:00 p.m. please pay attention to the delivery time.

Q: Can there be a sign on the outside of the balance car?

A: No, please cover all the signs with yellow glue.

Q: What are the requirements of the outsourcing box?

A: Must use the qualified hard carton, do not accept other material outside the box.

Q: Is Amazon limited in weight?

A: The starting weight of the whole ticket is 21kg, the average single weight is not less than 15kg, the maximum weight is not more than 32kg, and the longest side is not more than 122cm.

2、 Customer Service FAQs

Q: What information is required for customs declaration?

A: Packing list, invoice, declaration power of attorney, contract, draft declaration form, power of attorney.

Q: How do you know if the goods are remote?

A: If there is a remote surcharge, our customer service will inform the customer, the specific bill is subject to the actual generation.

Q: Is high value and special products OK?

A: Please consult our salesman for details.

Q: Is Amazon's personal address OK?

A: Yes, please consult our customer service.

Q: What goods can't go?

A: In addition to the national regulations, there are wigs, shoes and price tags. Please consult our customer service for details.

Q: The goods have gone. Can I change the address?

A: After extraction, you can provide the address to our customer service to try to change, but it is not guaranteed that the change is successful. If the change is successful, there will be a surcharge.

Q: What should I do if the delivery cannot be made because the addressee's address is unknown, moved or out?

A: Please contact our post port customer service.

Q: If the recipient refuses to sign, can it be returned to Hong Kong?

A: No, but you can return it to our Dutch warehouse and give it to our customer service at the port.

Q: Can the delivery time be extended if the recipient is on leave?

A: It can be tried. The recipient needs to communicate with the delivery service provider, but it is not guaranteed to be successful.

Q: If the package is damaged or lost in whole or in part, what should be done?

A: Please contact to provide information for checking. After confirmation, the claim will be settled; If the goods are damaged or lost due to inadequate packing, no compensation will be made.

Q: The website shows sign in, the recipient feedback did not receive the goods, can you provide sign in proof?

A: Yes, please contact our customer service.