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Focus on the logistics of China Hong Kong Special Line and provide door-to-door double cleaning service
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Mainly engaged in European rail lines, two-way customs clearance and delivery, container leasing, EU return transport
And other related international logistics and transportation services, for a comprehensive operation management system, fast information tracking services

European logistics services

Mainly engaged in the special line of European railway, customs clearance and dispatch of the second route, container leasing and EU return transportation
International logistics and transportation services, such as comprehensive operation management system and fast information tracking service

  • Amazon freight forwarding expert

    Over the years, Jiuzhou international has been focusing on the European special line. On the basis of the continuous improvement of the network layout at home and abroad, it has made every effort to build a comprehensive European logistics service and better provide efficient and fast international logistics transportation services for the majority of customers

  • European logistics services

    Jiuzhou international logistics cooperates with China Europe Express in many ways to provide cross-border e-commerce with direct first journey transportation to European countries, which can achieve accurate, safe and efficient logistics transportation services.

  • Excellent customs clearance strength

    Jiuzhou international logistics has its own customs broker in Europe, with high-level logistics customs clearance and tax team, which can achieve accurate, safe and fast cargo customs clearance service.

  • Accurate, safe and fast

    Jiuzhou international logistics has signed delivery agreements with local major truck companies, and has ups local delivery advantage account, which can realize accurate, safe and fast two-way delivery service.

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Established in 2011, Shenzhen Jiuzhou International Logistics Co., Ltd. specializes in the design of freight dedicated lines and logistics solutions from China to Europe, providing the most professional logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce. The founders of Jiuzhou logistics, sunny Wong and Stone Lee, have 35 years and 12 years of international logistics experience respectively, with high-level customs clearance, logistics and tax teams.


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